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Dingemans Beer Kits 25 Litres

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Dingemans Belgian Dubble All Grain Ingredient KitThe famous Belgian Dubbel is a dark brown powerhouse of malty sweetness, complex with rich flavours and paired perfectly with the high aromatics from the yeast esters DINGEMANS MALT: Pale Ale / Aroma 150 / Cara 50 / Cara 120 EXTRAS: White Candy..
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Code: GEB3740
Dingemans Belgian Pale All Grain Ingredient KitA beautiful golden Belgian pale ale with a delicious caramel and toasted malt backbone, low hop bitterness but high flavour and aroma from the yeast DINGEMANS MALT: Pilsen / Munich / Biscuit HOPS: Styrian Goldings (at various stages) YEA..
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Code: GEB3742
Dingemans Belgian Quad All Grain Ingredient KitDark, Complex with warming strong alcohol. A delicious blend of malt richness, dark fruit flavours and spicy elements. Complex, rich, smooth, and dangerous if not given respect while enjoying. The Belgian yeast strain brings esters and phenolics and ..
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Code: GEB3737
Dingemans Belgian Saison All Grain Ingredient Kit A provisional ale originally brewed in Wallonia. This delicious Belgian Saison is pale, refreshing and highly attenuated with a dry finish. Fruity & Spicy flavours with a soft malt character DINGEMANS MALT: Pilsen / Pale Ale / Wheat / ..
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Code: GEB3743
Dingemans Belgian Stout All Grain Ingredient Kit Playing with the beautiful speciality malts from Dingemans we have created a very drinkable stout which is complex and delicious with notes of chocolate, cacao & coffee. Low bitterness and higher alcohol than Irish or British stouts DINGEMANS..
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Code: GEB3738
Dingemans Belgian Style Flanders Red All Grain Ingredient Kit The beer that rewards patience and loves to be aged in wood. Flanders Red Ale is a sour and fruity red wine like Belgian style ale with interesting supportive malt flavours and fruit complexity. The dry finish and tannin completes ..
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Code: GEB3744
Dingemans Belgian Tripel All Grain Ingredient Kit The Belgian Tripel is one of those classic beer styles of iconic standing to a tremendous global beer. Beautiful golden hues shine from the Dingemans Belgian Pilsen Malt and a full malty mouthfeel, pronounced hoppy flavour and a fruity ester..
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Code: GEB3736
Dingemans Belgian Witbier All Grain Ingredient KitThis Belgian Witbier is elegant, aromatic, and super refreshing. A nice backbone of bready & sweet malt with a delicate honey like character balanced with zesty aromatic fruit flavours. Super refreshing and tart with an incredible aroma DINGEMAN..
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Code: GEB3739
Dingemans Oud Bruin Belgian Style Brown Ale All Grain Ingredient Kit The Oud Bruin or Flemish Old brown ale is a dark full-bodied beer with a lot of soft maillard compounds. The special character of this beer comes from the dark malts, Dingemans speciality malts really shine in this beer sty..
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We have put together some all-grain recipes featuring Dingemans Malts. These malts are expertly made in Belgium, producing beautiful flavours and aromas.

You have most likely tasted some of their malts in Belgian beers already. Dingemans supply most Belgian brewers, and their malts are used internationally in renowned Trappist, Ale, Lambic, white- and abbey beers.

These kits allow the Dingemans Malts to shine. Our all-grain recipe kits also come with quality hops, brewers yeasts and all the ingredients and instructions to make perfect Belgian Beer.