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Crisp Beer Recipes

Crisp Beer Recipes
Code: GEB3052
Crisp Amber Ale Kit The Amber Malt in this recipe will colour the beer and shine through with a malty,dry caramel finish. Expect moderate hop bitterness with classic USA bittering hopsand a finish of floral and piney Aurora and delicate spice from the Perle hops.Starting Gravity 1040Final Gravity 8...
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Code: GEB3082
Crisp Barley Wine Kit Malting floor Nº19 at our Norfolk maltings is where it all started for us back in 1870. The Maris Otter® barley we malt on the floor today enjoys the benefit of a slow, three day kilning, which intensifies the rich, malty flavou rs you’ll find in this barley wine. Bottle c..
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Code: GEB3066
Crisp Best Bitter Kit The addition of Crystal Malts to English bitters started after WWI and the bestversions are served on cask. Our recipe uses Crystal 150 to pro vide toffee, carameland raisin notes balanced out by a smorgasbord of classic and m odern English hops.Starting Gravity 1043Final Gravi..
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Code: GEB3072
Crisp Brown Ale KitThis Brown Ale is a caramel forward, malt driven dark ale without the roastedcharacter of a porter. Crystal, Brown and Chocolate Malts give a lovely blend oftoffee, nutty and biscuit flavours with a dark-reddish brown colour.Starting Gravity 1044Final Gravity 8ABV 4.7%IBU 26Crisp ..
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Code: GEB3069
Crisp Dark Mild Beer KitFive different malts make up the grist for this dark and delicious mild, expectlightly roasted coffee aromas and dark chocolate balanced with pleasantsweetness and subtle hopping.Starting Gravity 1040Final Gravity 9ABV 4%IBU 18 Crisp Dark Mild Beer Kit contains1 x 3.450kg Bes..
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Code: GEB3067
Crisp English ESB Beer KitThis Strong bitter is a great recipe to let our heritage Maris Otter® barley showcase itsmalt character to the fullest. Highly drinkable with a good balance between our malts andclassic English hop varieties, this beer is darkened and sweetened with caramel notes bythe Crys..
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Code: GEB3062
Crisp English IPA Kit This is our version of the original English India Pale Ale with our workhorse BestAle Malt and some Munich Malt to add a light toast and bready quality. The beer iswell attenuated like its Indian forebears. Hops dominate in this timeless style.Starting Gravity 1043Final Gravity..
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Code: GEB3058
Crisp German Kolsch Beer Kit The Kolsch style is all about balancing malt, hops and the delicate fruit characterof the speciality Kolsch yeast. Another key characteristic is brilliant clarity and thisis achieved with our Clear Choice®, polyphenol free malt, which won’t throw a chillhaze. A beautiful..
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Code: GEB3059
Crisp German Maibock Beer Kit A strong, German lager with accentuated fruit from the Munich Malt and a cleanfermentation courtesy of the lager yeast and cold fermentation. A simple infusionmash is adequate given the well modified nature of our German Malt, whichoriginates in our Crisp Hamburg maltin..
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Code: GEB3053
Crisp German Pilsner Beer KitThe Pilsner style takes a lifetime to master. There is nowhere to hide with this deceptively simple recipe so only the most well-made and consistent malts should be used on this style. Our German Pilsner Malt doesn’t need step or decoction mashing and will deliver a beau..
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Code: GEB3061
Crisp Golden Ale KitThis classic Golden Ale is all about showcasing hops without any caramel sweetness.The Cara Gold achieves the golden colour without any caramel sweetness but alsolends the beer some body and a rounded mouthfeel despite the dry finish. Perfecton cask, for a quaffable summer ale.St..
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Code: GEB3076
Crisp Imperial Stout Kit The biggest of the stouts, this version packs intense flavours of dark fruit androasted character from the Brown and Black Malts and a layer of caramel fromthe Crystal Malt. British Minstrel at flame out lends spiced berries in flavour, andstrong hop bitterness comes from th..
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Code: GEB3074
Crisp Irish Stout Kit Roasted Barley has become strongly associated with Irish stout since the mid20th century when the Irish brewers deviated from the London style which usedBrown Malt instead. Drinkability is increased by layering Brown, Chocolate andRoast Barley and by not finishing too dry.Start..
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Code: GEB3169
CRISP Krazy Kveik Beer Kit Subtle notes of orange zest combine with pineapple from the Vic Secret hops, and the lightly tropical, white grape character of Enigma. The Kviek yeast in this beer is fermented at 40 degrees to drive huge fruit flavours. Starting Gravity 1049 Final Gravity 9 ABV ..
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Code: GEB3073
Crisp London Porter Ale Kit The Porter name derives from the London workers who drank this particularbrew in the 1800s. This is a classic English version of the style featuring ourChocolate Malt to give a roasted character but without any astringent burntcharacter. Replace Best Ale with Chevallier ..
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Code: GEB3068
Crisp Mild Beer KitCrystal 150 has a sweet caramel taste and aroma and works well in this beeralong with the darker roasted malts, making a pleasant sessionable mild.Starting Gravity 1036Final Gravity 9ABV 3.5%IBU 18 Crisp Mild Beer Kit contains1 x 3.16kg Vienna Malt1 x 0.25kg Crystal 150 Malt1 x 0...
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Code: GEB3063
Crisp Neipa Beer KitThe New England IPA style embraces haze with the addition of ten percent NakedOat Malt. These provide, body and turbidity but we utilise our polyphenol free maltto reduce the likelihood of oxidative darkening of the beer in package.Starting Gravity 1062Final Gravity 12ABV 6.5%IBU..
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Code: GEB3075
Crisp Oatmeal Stout Kit Our version of the classic stout is heavy on the torrefied oats with a 10% additionlending in the beer a smooth slickness. The Brown, Crystal and Black Malts give afull roasted and chocolate flavour and the medium mash temperatu re leads to amoderate fullness in the end.Star..
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Code: GEB3057
Crisp Oaty Pale Ale Kit This is our English Pale Ale recipe but with a twist; the addition of Naked Oat Maltto lend body and texture. A late addition of Slovenia Aurora gi ves a floral and pinecharacter to this very drinkable of ales.Starting Gravity 1039Final Gravity 8ABV 4%IBU 24 Crisp Oaty Pale A..
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Code: GEB3054
Crisp Pre-Prohibition Beer Kit This recipe draws from the pre-prohibition era in US brewing history and features Europils Malt and Flaked Maize to lend grainy and sweet-corn flavours respectively. Substantial hop additions give a moderate bitterness and the low mash temperature gives a lingering dry..
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