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Chemipro Caustic 1kg

Chemipro Caustic 1kg
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Chemipro Caustic 1kg
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Powerful Cleaner for Home Brew Applications

Caustic is a powerful cleaner, also known as Sodium Hydroxide. It works with a corrosive action, eating away at dirt effectively and efficiently.

Brewers use caustic soda for dirty equipment, with active chlorine to sterilise. It removes almost any dirt, fast!

Now available in a handy bottle with childproof cap. Do not use on copper or iron, only use briefly on stainless steel.


  • 1 gram per litre of warm (never boiling) water.
  • Rinse your bottles/equipment or soak them.
  • Contact time: 5-60 min.
  • Always rinse thoroughly with clean water afterwards.


Highly alkaline, chlorinated cleansing powder


Usable in the food industry
- Chelating agents ensure adequate stabilisation of water hardness
- Some foaming may occur when this product is used in circulation systems
- Suitable for various applications in the food industry, including:
   - Meat and fish processing industry: cauldrons, ragout kettles, baking ovens, etc.
   - Fat and oil processing industry: production kettles and storage tanks
   - Potato and starch processing industry: baking ovens and cauldrons

Product details:

Basic components: Sodium hydroxide, chelating agents, silicates, active chlorine, moisturising agents and
emulsifying agents
- Appearance: Coarse white powder
- Storage conditions: -5ºC to +25ºC
- pH 1% (20°C): Approx. 12
- Solubility: Can be mixed with water in all ratios
- Phosphorous content: 10.88%
- Nitrogen content: 0.87%
- COD value: 70 mg O2/g product
- Foaming: Slight foaming in use

Material compatibility:

It can be used to clean stainless steel and plastics resistant to alkalis and chlorine.

Use instructions:

• When dissolving or diluting, always add the product slowly to the water (never the other way round). Do not add
the product to hot water or a hot solution. Risk of heating with sudden, violent superheating. Risk of burns.

• Cleaning procedure for cauldrons, baking ovens, etc.:
   - Pre-rinse, preferably with hot water.
   - Clean with Chemipro Caustic. Fill the utensil to above the soiling level with a working solution of Chemipro Caustic.
   - Application concentration: 2–5%
   - Temperature: Max. 60°C
   - Application time: 1 to 3 hours, depending on the degree of soiling. The application time can be reduced considerably by brushing heavily soiled spots.
   - Rinse with water.

• Cleaning procedure for surfaces and heavily soiled floors:
   - Remove coarse dirt and rinse well with water.
   - Clean with Chemipro Caustic.
   Application concentration: Scatter a thin layer of concentrated powder on the wet floor. Preferably brush in with a scrubbing machine or by hand and allow it to work for 1 to 2 hours.
   - Application time: Can be reduced considerably if the heavily soiled spots are cleaned with a brush.
   - Rinse with water, preferably under high pressure.


Titration method:

50 ml sample. Add a pinch of sodium thiosulphate crystals. Add a few drops of methyl orange.
Titrate with 0.5 N HCl until the colour changes from yellow to orange-red.
The percentage of Chemipro Caustic is equal to the number of millilitres of 0.5 N HCl times the titration factor of

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