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What is a heritage malt?

heritage malt

The heritage malt program is brought to life by our distribution partner Crisp Malt. Crisp has allowed us to supply brewers with genuine malts that date back to the 1800s.

Heritage Malt is a malt variety that was used commercially hundreds of years ago. These malts bring a richness of flavour and complexity not found in modern malting varieties. The malting process for these malt varieties is carried out in a traditional way. The number 19 Floor maltings at Crisp is used to process the malt. The same way they did in times gone by.

Making Heritage Malt is very time-consuming and requires significant effort and dedication with a talented team of Farmers, Agronomists & Maltsters. Heritage Malt is available from Geterbrewed. However, credit for the dedication goes to the team at Crisp for bringing some amazing malt varieties to life.

Geterbrewed has used some Heritage Malts in Our Brewery to Foeder-age the beers and allow the complexity to develop. Patience will allow us to see the results of using these beautiful malts.

The Heritage Malt Range

heritage malt

Checkout the range of Malts available from Geterbrewed:

  1. Chevallier – dating back to 1970 and the malt backbone of many victorian ales. This malt variety enjoyed regular use for over a hundred years. A distinct marmalade sweetness comes from this complex malt. Ensure you give this malt some attention with step mashing and allow it a little extra time in the mash tun to get a full conversion.
  2. Plumage Archer – from the world’s first commercially cross-bred barley. This heritage malt brings a smooth, delicate sweetness that allows other ingredients to really shine. The balanced caramel and delicate sweetness make for high drinkability.
  3. Hana – The original Moravian Malt variety grown in what is now the Czech Republic. The base malt is used in true Pilsners with that bready crisp continental lager profile that is loved worldwide.
  4. Maris Otter – Incredibly versatile and much loved Maris Otter is the heirloom variety from Crisp Malt. The mother field is close to the Great Ryburgh Maltings. Delivering a smooth, sweet and bready depth of flavour

Checkout our youtube video on Heritage Malt

We strongly believe that these malt wills come back into trend and allow brewers to experiment with complex malt flavours that blend with modern day brewing equipment to deliver impressive results.

Check out our YouTube Video about Heritage Malts.