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Wine Making Kits – If you love your wine you need to try one of these new revolutionary craft wine kits

The history of wine making for you will reveal many stories, often emotional memories of helping a loved one forage for hedgerow wines and wait long periods for rewards of your efforts. The new revolutionary wine making kits produce serious results and consistently without a hotpress in sight.

Wine has been made and enjoyed for thousands of years. Wine is a well loved alcoholic beverage made from grapes and has been big business since the 1950-60’s when strains of commercial wine making yeast started to really produce consistent results without spoilage. Modern day vintners strains of craft wine making yeasts are producing exciting results consistently.

So if you want to brew a wine and bottle it in a corked bottle, screw cap or indeed bag in box you can now produce really exciting results at home whilst being frugal. Lets be honest here though home wine making isn’t all about being frugal, you can produce consistently impressive results with total control of the contents and additives to create the wine you want to drink.

It’s a science called enology, some refer to wine making as an art form we simply see home wine producing as a very rewarding hobby and want you to experience the improvements and what’s available

The homebrew industry is about to receive a brand new range of wine making kits launching in the UK & Ireland. Geterbrewed are proud to be launching a vast new range of wine making kits for the home professional. So to become a craft wine maker you need the best ingredients are we are proud to be able to offer premium craft wine making kits to allow you to create your own high quality wines. You won’t need to take your socks off and start trampling the grapes it’s much easier than that with modern professional home kits.

Winexpert wine kits work closely with the very best grape growers from the World’s most prominent wine regions to carefully select and grade the best possible quality in terms of grape juice. These superior quality wine making ingredients paired with professional industry leading processing leads to beautiful flavours and impressive aromas and character replicating the any wine varietal.

Introducing the new ranges:



  1. Wine Expert Private Reserve – Ultra Premium with region specific juice and made in 6-8 weeks

Most of these Ultra Premium wine kit contain crushed grape skins which adds great depth of character and during fermentation you can expect the grape skins to enhance the tannins, body, colour, mouthfeel and aroma. These craft wine making kits will take you up a level for sure

winexpert wine kits from Geterbrewed

Amarone Style Veneto Italian 14l Private Reserve Wine Kit

Cabernet Sauvignon Lodi Californian 14l Private Reserve Wine Kit

Chardonnay Dry Creek Californian 14l Private Reserve Wine Kit

Pinot Gris Yakima Washington 14l Private Reserve Wine Kit

Pinot Noir New Zealand 14l Private Reserve Wine Kit

Merlot Stags Leap Californian 14l Private Reserve Wine Kit

Nebbiolo Piedmont Italian 14l Private Reserve Wine Kit

Zinfandel Old Vine Lodi Californian 14l Private Reserve Wine Kit

  • Wine Expert Reserve – Premium with country specific juice and made in 6 weeks.

This craft wine making range of kits will produce wine of exceptional quality, full of body, flavoursome and aromatic .

Chardonnay Australian 10l Wine Expert Reserve Kit

Pinot Grigio Italian 10l Wine Expert Reserve Kit

Riesling Californian 10l Wine Expert Reserve Kit

Sauvignon Blanc Californian 10l Wine Expert Reserve Kit

Grenache Rose Australian 10l Wine Expert Reserve Kit

Cabernet Sauvignon Australian 10l Wine Expert Reserve Kit

Cabernet Shiraz Australian 10l Wine Expert Reserve Kit

Luna Rossa Italian 10l Wine Expert Reserve Kit

Malbec Argentine 10l Wine Expert Reserve Kit

Merlot Californian 10l Wine Expert Reserve Kit

Pinot Noir Chilean 10l Wine Expert Reserve Kit

Shiraz Australian 10l Wine Expert Reserve Kit

VCDR French 10l Wine Expert Reserve Kit

Amarone Italian 10l Wine Expert Reserve Kit

  • Wine Expert Classic Wine Kits  – Easy drinking with country specific juice and made in 4 weeks

Maintaining the high quality you expect from the winexpert craft winemaking kits these produce high quality results. Approachable and easy drinking replicating wines from the world’s best known wine making countries

Chardonnay Californian 8l Wine Expert Classic Wine Kit

Pinot Grigio Italian 8l Wine Expert Classic Wine Kit

Sauvihnon Blanc 8l Wine Expert Classic Wine Kit

Viognier 8l Wine Expert Classic Wine Kit

Riesling Washington 8l Wine Expert Classic Wine Kit

Liebfraumilch Californian 8l Wine Expert Classic Wine Kit

White Zinfandel Californian 8l Wine Expert Classic Wine Kit

Cabernet Sauvignon Chilean 8l Wine Expert Classic Wine Kit

Diablo Rojo Chilean 8l Wine Expert Classic Wine Kit

Grenache Shiraz Merlot Australian 8l Wine Expert Classic Wine Kit

Malbec Chilean 8l Wine Expert Classic Wine Kit

Merlot Chilean 8l Wine Expert Classic Wine Kit

Pinot Noir Wine Expert Classic Wine Kit

Sangliovese Italian 8l Wine Expert Classic Wine Kit

Shiraz Californian Wine Expert Classic Wine Kit

Tempranillo Spanish 8l Wine Expert Classic Wine Kit

  • On The House Wine Kits – If your after a simply and straight forward wine making kit this is a great place to start your wine crafting journey. They deliver results in just 4 weeks and produce everyday easy drinking wine to impress your friends and family
Geterbrewed On The House wine making kits

Sauvignon Blanc On The House Wine Kit

Chardonnay On The House Wine Kit

Pinot Grigio On The House Wine Kit

Riesling On The House Wine Kit

Californian White On The House Wine Kit

Blush On The House Wine Kit

Cabernet Sauvignon On The House Wine Kit

Merlot On The House Wine Kit

Shiraz On The House Wine Kit

Californian Red On The House Wine Kit

Pinot Noir On The House Wine Kit

The Grainfather G70 at Get Er Brewed

Get Er Brewed are excited to now offer the brand new and exciting half barrel electric all in one brewing system. The Grainfather G70 is the largest Grainfather made yet, it boasts a strong and robust build quality. The unit is complete with a wort chiller.

The all in one brewing system can hold an impressive 17kg of malt and has capacity to hold 70 Litres of wort. The new conicals are in development and will be launched later this year. Trials using the system have allowed flexibility with brewing one batch and splitting over 2 or 3 fermenters allowing experimentation with different yeasts and dry hopping.

Like the original Grainfather its wifi controlled and links seamlessly to the Grainfather community app. Allowing homebrewers the flexibility to create their own recipes or browse thousands of user submitted ones and build the ingredient recipe using the Get Er Brewed recipe builder. The app allows you to start heating the strike water in advance so you can start your brewday swiftly.

Perfect for a small test plant for a brewpub, restaurant or microbrewery or homebrewers with a serious addiction to shiny

The Grainfather G70

Two stage false bottom – the conical base allows a false bottom with an inner collar to sit in the recess of the base. I’ve personally tested this with 600g’s of hops and saw a full flow through the pump. This is very, very effective.

The Grainfather g70 bottom drain is below the false bottom so there is almost no dead space.

Bespoke 3.2kWh concealed element – We’ve made the absolute most out of the power available to us. The element covers around 80% of the base and is mounted using a thermal paste, rather than braised. This moves the heat efficiently upwards, losing very little to where it’s not needed and as it’s spread in such a wide area, scorching will be very unlikely (also most solids settle on the false bottom, so won’t touch the elements anyway). Being concealed, it’s super easy to clean too.

Convenient side entry recirculation. Rather than up and over, we’ve built a port into the side of the unit which means if the pump is accidentally switched on, it will fire the wort just to the other side of the unit, rather than straight up. The recirc pipe has a push fit, so couldn’t be easier to install or remove.

Ball value for sampling/draining. This runs in line with the pump so is particularly helpful when draining the cleaning water. It fires out at a rate of knots and empties the unit in no time.

Sight glass with clean-in-place (CIP) solution. This is really useful when sparging. Rather than relying on water calculations, you can just sparge until you reach pre-boil volume. The cap can be replaced with the included hose barb so you can connect the recirc pipe and flush the sight glass while cleaning.

Rolled edge filter plates. These mean the silicone seals are no longer required. They have a really smooth finish and plates themselves feel really robust and wearing. The shape of the G70 is a little different – it’s much wider and not that much taller than the standard Grainfather so we’ve seen comparatively quick draining from the basket, and less likelihood of stuck sparges as the draining surface area is bigger.

-Safety aspects including locked in support ring, heavy duty, no slip brackets to on the grain basket and protection from knocking the ball valve open.

Lifting bar with winch lifting hook. Make no mistake, this is a 2 person lift without a winch!

Huge wort chiller. This works an absolute treat. There is a more powerful pump, a very efficient false bottom and a bigger wort chiller, so in my experience, cooling times are about the same as the 30l Grainfather, despite the volume being more than double. Due to the size, this will need to be positioned away from the G70, so longer silicone tubing is attached as standard.

Heavy duty handles on G70 body. Also handle on glass lid.

Includes dust cover and tap connections.

3 year Grainfather warranty.

Check them out in the links below, we have a pre order deal available if you want to get in touch:

The Grainfather g70 UK


The Grainfather g70 Ireland


Homebrew Starter Kit Gift Ideas

Give a gift that keeps giving this year. Treat your friends and family to a Homebrew Starter Kit

Is Homebrewing Legal?


Legally brew and make Beer, Cider, Wine & Mead.

Has the quality of homebrew advanced?

Technology has advanced the quality of equipment and brewing ingredients. I strongly believe anyone can brew impressive beer, cider, mead & Wine

Get Er Brewed Basic Homebrew Starter kits aimed at beginners have syphon-less set ups that reduce the risk of things going wrong.

How to Select a Homebrew Starter Kit?

Firstly, set your budget because it’s important not to get distracted. Modern homebrew starter kits have developed a huge range of options to suit all budgets

Secondly, don’t over think it, homebrewing is easy just keep everything clean, follow the instructions and monitor temperature and it’ll be successful

Thirdly, If you need help ask!

In Conclusion its now possible to brew better than shop bought for a fraction of the price at home so look at this as a rewarding hobby.

The amount of active homebrewers is at a record high and continues to grow

Geterbrewed Homebrew Starter Kits

Many Craft Breweries have Homebrewing roots!

Many homebrewers started off homebrewing before progressing into a professional career in brewing. Therefore this gift has huge potential

https://www.geterbrewed.com/complete-brewing-kits/ https://www.geterbrewed.ie/complete-brewing-kits/

Need Help Selecting a Homebrew Starter Kit?

Just ask we really want to help you brew successfully, consistently and return time and time again

Homebrewing Beer

Homebrewing Beer can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it.

It can be said that in the home brew industry you have 3 options or different types of homebrew beer kits

  1. Isomerised Beer Kits (usually pouches or cans)
  2. Extract Beer Kits ( Partial Mash Kits)
  3. All Grain Brewing ( brewing from scratch )

Modern day homebrew beer kits and equipment can allow you to not only be frugal but you can brew better beer than shop bought. If you are a craftbeer fan you can attempt to clone your favourite beer or be adventurous and create some truly unique beer.

If you decide to start homebrewing beer and you choose to start with a basic homebrew beer kit the equipment will always be useful for all levels of brewing beer. If you try a isomerised beer kit you can still create great beers. An isomerised extract kit is usually a pouch or can of liquid malt that has isomerised hop solution in it. You are basically rehydrating the liquid malt extract and adding the yeast and fermenting the beer. Some modern beer kits also have dry hop additions that you add directly to the fermenter this creates a nice hoppy aroma.

Extract brewing also includes brewing with liquid malt but it’s a little more hands on and you need a little more equipment but household pots etc can be used to help you create a wort with steeping grains. This steeping grain or quantity of malt will bring more freshness and body to the beer. Once you create the wort by adding the steeping grains (grains/malt in a muslin/nylon bag) to warm water you add the liquid malt. The steeping grains are added to warm water in extract brewing for e.g. 67 degrees as it converts the starches in the malt to fermentable sugars which is also known as sugary wort. The lower mashing temperatures with steeping grains will create a dryer beer and higher temperatures of say 69 will produce a sweeter beer.

All Grain Brewing is brewing from scratch using water, malt, hops and yeast. I’m a massive fan of all grain brewing it creates really impressive craft beers and allows you to really immerse yourself in the hobby, the process of all grain brewing is the longest to produce with a brewday taking around 5 hours. It’s a great way to spend a day though and the results are worth it. You can buy all grain recipe kits with instructions that have the beer style and ingredients all worked out for you or you can design your own recipes from scratch

What is critical to successful brewing of beer no matter what type of beer kit you choose is cleanliness and temperature control.

Having all equipment sterilized and maintaining a constant fermentation temperature for the yeast will make for the best brewed beer.

If you need any help at all selecting a homebrew starter kit we are happy to help, we aim to be beginner friendly and remember that we want you to brew beer consistently and successfully so you return to brew more beer time and time again



So you want to start homebrewing….

The decision to start making your own can be on a whim maybe you tried a friends homebrew and where surprised or maybe you want to know what actually goes into the beers, ciders and wines that you consume. There is lots of reasons to start brewing your own, modern home brewing has changed alot and its now possible to brew better than shop bought for a fraction of the price.

If you are unsure about how to start then we would love to help. Simply drop us an email ([email protected]) or a message on social media and we will be very happy to help.

We can cater for a wide range of budgets and care about this industry longterm so we will only sell  equipment and ingredients that are the best we can source, you see we want people to brew successfully and consistently then they will in turn keep buying ingredients from us. We now have huge buying power and have passed the savings on to the home brewers.

We started a homebrew revolution in 2013 as keen home brewers ourselves wanting to make our own beers and wines, we now are proud to say we lead the way with innovative brewing equipment and a diverse range of ingredients that will allow you to brew anything you want.

So Join us or help a friend or even give the gift of homebrewing, Geterbrewed have homebrew starter kits for all levels of experience from hedgerow wine maker to professional brewery equipment and all the great stuff in between

Homebrewing has changed and its awesome, so why not save some money, have a lot of fun and get rewarded in the process:



Geterbrewed All Grain Starter Kit

Brut IPA

The latest IPA craze sweeping across from the US sees a new type of IPA, this time its a bone dry champagne like aromatic hoppy beer, but why is it called “brut”, simple it’s the terminalogy to rank sweetness in champagne.

The creator and Californian brewer Kim Sturdavent (Social Brewing) has made it pale, super dry and highly effervescent. The weapon of choice to create this unique beer is an enzyme & Geterbrewed has sourced this so you can create your own homebrew Brut IPA’s. The enzyme Glucoamylase 400 to put it simply takes the complex sugars and breaks them down into fermentable sugars.

Hop bittering levels are low in this style as hop bitterness is usually balanced with the sweetness of the malt bill, on this style the sweetness from the malt is fermented out so you need to keep the IBU’s down. New world fruity and tropical hops seem to be the hop flavours of choice

I love experimenting at a home brew level and when brewers innovate and create something special it makes other push the boundaries too and then we in turn get to enjoy awesome beers.

The enzyme isn’t a new creation it has been available in the brewing supplies catalogue for sometime, previously being used by brewers to reduce sweetness in big imperial stouts.

I’ve been following some American brewer blogs on the style and they are using new ingredients for an IPA, for example adjuncts, now this doesn’t appear to be to try and save money, its to keep the beer pale in colour, some brewers are using flaked rice and corn.

When yeast is working this hard it may also be important to look at yeast nutrients. Also be aware that if you are reharvesting the yeast it will carryover the enzyme.

You can add the enzyme to the mash directly but what temperatures or to the fermenter during fermentation, as the style is still very much in its infancy there is scope for experimentation.

What i personally want to see is brewers releasing well made batches of Brut IPA taking their time to experiment and be creative now just getting one released to be seen to be setting the trend in the local beer scene

Designing a Brut IPA recipe, your standard IPA base malt bill may be the first place you start but be aware that the crystal etc that you add for body will be totally fermented out. The complex carbohydrates and dextrines will be converted to simple sugars and fermented out. Also watch the abv this is going to almost completely ferment out so you don’t want to create something that is going to blow your head off.

Adding this enzyme goes beyond dryness and you don’t need to do anything special during the mash to try and create a dry beer.

My understanding would be that all hop bitterness is going to be best acheived after the boil with a good hop stand, I would feel that the aroma acheived would be a perfect addition to this dry style of beer

Yeast used predominantly in the style to date is a neutral ale yeast but it’s open to experimentation.

Time to get experimenting with this enzyme, we have adding some buying options to the Geterbrewed website for home brewers and if you are a pro brewer we also have stock in our warehouse for larger scale brewing too

We would love you to share your recipes and experiences in brewing this style with us, the team at Geterbrewed will be trying a few recipes out in the coming weeks we’ll let you know how we get on..




NEIPA All Grain Recipe

NEIPA All Grain Ingredient Kit

Geterbrewed NEIPA recipe

Geterbrewed have been experimenting and we have designed an amazing new NEIPA, this beer has a pillowy mouthful and has some seriously beautiful hop aroma and juicy hop flavour. This brew came out at 4.46%

The Malt Bill
4.5 Kg Crisp Extra Pale Maris Otter
500g Crisp Naked Malted Oats
500g Crisp Dextrine
250g Crisp Crystal 150

The Hop Schedule
A layered hop schedule to provide a depth of hop flavour
Vic Secret

45 Minutes
5g of each Ella, Vic Secret & Topaz

30 Minutes
5g of each Ella, Vic Secret & Topaz

15 minutes
5g of each Ella, Vic Secret & Topaz

0 minutes
55g of each Ella, Vic Secret & Topaz

Dry Hop x 2 occasions
30g of each Ella, Vic Secret & Topaz

Lallemand’s New England 25g
Ferment at 21 degrees


1. Fill 29 litres of water into your brewing kettle and add your water treatment
2. Heat to a few degrees above your mash temperature as the temp will drop when you add the malt
3. Mash at 67 degrees for 60 minutes
4. Sparge after Mash to achieve pre boil volume of 28.5 litres (check gravity 1046)
5. Boil for 60 minutes
6. Add Hops as per hop schedule at 45 mins, 30 mins, 15 mins, 0 mins
7. Cool after boil to 21 degrees and pitch the yeast (aiming for SG 1046)
8. Ferment at a steady temperature
9. Dry Hop on day 3 90g
10. Dry Hop on day 6 90g
11. Check for final gravity of 1012
12. Package in bottles or kegs as normal

From the Attic to the warehouse

From the Online Homebrew Shop based in our Attic at home to the Brewery Distribution Warehouse

geterbrewed logo

We are in business five years and wow it’s been a journey, thankyou all, genuinely thankyou its been amazing…….so…….

Why start a Homebrew shop?

We both loved brewing beer and wine at home and wanted to be able to buy great quality wine kits and a diverse range of beer ingredients from our local homebrew shop, we found the selection locally to be more based on simple kits and no all grain ingredients, we wanted to experiment with premium quality wine kits and try our hand at brewing beer from scratch not just extract kits. So we started writing a business plan for selling our own and researching if there was in fact a homebrew wholesaler. We started with an Irish Homebrew company but quickly realised they weren’t a real homebrew wholesaler so we opened accounts with a few of the UK wholesalers and started to sell brewing ingredients and equipment online.

It was really difficult to start with, how do you get the attention of the homebrew community, how do you know what to stock and how do you compete with what appeared to be a ‘homebrew cartel’ in Ireland, the key to our success in my opinion was to focus on the customer and the quality of the ingredients, so we put the home brewer first. Look I’ll be honest it was a steep learning curve and we didn’t always get it right but that helped us learn and are very proud of our business now. We supply a lot of the local homebrewing community and we also supply a large number of breweries

The Home brew website?

It has evolved from a basic online home brew store to a Microbrewery Equipment & Brewery Ingredient supplier. There is so many funny stories about the website in the last 5 years but we have always tried to make the Geterbrewed website the most user friendly in the industry. Our friend is our web developer and even though it has grown beyond all of our expectations he stills oversees its running but has other professionals that now help out. When he took a stroke at 34 and we went to the hospital with the Ipad to get a few issues fixed it shows you how dedicated he was and how utterly obsessed we were with our homebrew business… thats a true story… we eat sleep and breath this business


What sets Geterbrewed apart?

  • The Service
  • The Education of home brewers
  • We cater from Hedgerow brewer to Pro Brewer
  • The custom recipe builder – we wanted to do this right from the start and we now have successful set it as the best-selling service in the UK & Ireland

Geterbrewed set out to start a homebrew revolution on the 1st of April 2013, five years later we have evolved somewhat and have been blessed with success, we want to personally thank you all for your support, without homebrewers and microbreweries supporting us we wouldn’t exist.

It all started in our attic at home, we bought a range of beer kits, cider kits and wine kits and some really basic brewing equipment. When we got fed up walking up and down into the attic we moved to the garage and then moved to Hillstown Farmshop and partnered with the Logan’s, we launched our own brewery and set up a warehouse at the rear of the shop, we are very grateful to Nigel and his family for our time at the shop, we created local employment and started to move into supplying breweries, now we have an 8000 square foot warehouse very close to the shop, we couldn’t expand any further at the back of the shop and with us now selling 1000’s of tonnes of malt we had to move…we still have a small shop presence at Hillstown also

What’s next for Geterbrewed?

We will continue to offer the freshest brewing ingredients we can, we have recently started to sell Microbrewery equipment and now install fully operational breweries, we installed a brewpub In County Offaly last week and we have a new Brewery just ordered this week for Worchester in the UK, we really love what we do and can’t really thank you all enough for allowing us to work with you.

Geterbrewed will grow & build on our exclusive relationships with key suppliers, we have built strong relationships with Crisp Malt, Lallemand Yeast, Hop Farmers and UK & Global Homebrew wholesalers. We have exciting projects ongoing with Brewiks Microbrewery Equipment and we are driven to grow our business further.

Gin and Distilleries…yes as if we haven’t enough on….

Without giving too much away we have some really exciting plans and we will continue to keep our focus on you the customer, we put your first, we thankyou for the support, our staff thankyou for your support and we promise to keep investing in the business and to keep generating local employment.

Finally, I have experienced some amazing things with this business and met and made some incredible friends. We have travelled to source the finest ingredients across the globe and we are very grateful for the team we have, we have an awesome set of staff and they love what they do, thanks for joining the revolution and please stay with us on this journey!


The GEB Crew

SIBA Beer X Review | Beer Festivals

From the off I’ll highlight this event is more based towards the brewing trade, but I did receive some exciting news at the event from our suppliers. The Event changed venue this year and it was in the exhibition centre in Liverpool so we popped over for the day to check it out , the SIBA regional gold medal winners progress to the finals at BeerX so some work mixed with a little beer tasting, its all good yeahhh!

SIBA BeerX 2018 liverpool

A nice spacious arena packed with stands from all the big names in the brewing industry, I caught some interesting presentations and had some exciting conversations with not only with brewers but with the brewing suppliers.

Major news to report from Crisp Malt, I had a chat with some of the top team and they are very excited about the successful distribution of Crisp Malt throughout Ireland by Geterbrewed, we discussed how many Irish breweries are reporting higher extraction rates, more consistent crush plus a better flavour from the wort. Major growth reported in this area.

Crisp Malt

Crisp Malt have installed a new bagging line and are nearing completion of a new coloured maltings, its a very exciting time to be working with these guys, they already have a large catalogue of products but this new multi million pound investment will be a game changer. The new malt bags have been released and the quick release and anti static packaging is proving to be a hit!

AB Vickers & Lallemand

Checked in with the team at AB Vickers and Lallemand and had a good brief on the new products. Protafine is a new Vegan friendly clarification product that we will be introducing to Irish Breweries immediately. Robert from Lallemand is keen to launch the homebrew sachets of the incredible freeze dried bacteria ‘Wildbrew Sourpitch’ I’ve used this recently in a blueberry kettle sour and I was really impressed, it is due for imminent release.

I enjoyed some impressive beers on the lallemand stand, an NEIPA from Northern Monk Brewery (Lalbrew New England Yeast) & a Sour from Magic Rock Brewery (Wildbrew Sourpitch). Geterbrewed distribute the full lallemand range across Ireland, contact us if you want samples of the new yeast strains.

We also picked up some new ideas and will update you soon on new innovative brewing products coming to the homebrew and microbrewery market.

Enjoy if your attending & hope the guys exhibiting have a great show

The GEB Crew