NEIPA All Grain Recipe

NEIPA All Grain Ingredient Kit

Geterbrewed NEIPA recipe

Geterbrewed have been experimenting and we have designed an amazing new NEIPA, this beer has a pillowy mouthful and has some seriously beautiful hop aroma and juicy hop flavour. This brew came out at 4.46%

The Malt Bill
4.5 Kg Crisp Extra Pale Maris Otter
500g Crisp Naked Malted Oats
500g Crisp Dextrine
250g Crisp Crystal 150

The Hop Schedule
A layered hop schedule to provide a depth of hop flavour
Vic Secret

45 Minutes
5g of each Ella, Vic Secret & Topaz

30 Minutes
5g of each Ella, Vic Secret & Topaz

15 minutes
5g of each Ella, Vic Secret & Topaz

0 minutes
55g of each Ella, Vic Secret & Topaz

Dry Hop x 2 occasions
30g of each Ella, Vic Secret & Topaz

Lallemand’s New England 25g
Ferment at 21 degrees


1. Fill 29 litres of water into your brewing kettle and add your water treatment
2. Heat to a few degrees above your mash temperature as the temp will drop when you add the malt
3. Mash at 67 degrees for 60 minutes
4. Sparge after Mash to achieve pre boil volume of 28.5 litres (check gravity 1046)
5. Boil for 60 minutes
6. Add Hops as per hop schedule at 45 mins, 30 mins, 15 mins, 0 mins
7. Cool after boil to 21 degrees and pitch the yeast (aiming for SG 1046)
8. Ferment at a steady temperature
9. Dry Hop on day 3 90g
10. Dry Hop on day 6 90g
11. Check for final gravity of 1012
12. Package in bottles or kegs as normal