Homebrew Starter Kit Gift Ideas

Give a gift that keeps giving this year. Treat your friends and family to a Homebrew Starter Kit

Is Homebrewing Legal?


Legally brew and make Beer, Cider, Wine & Mead.

Has the quality of homebrew advanced?

Technology has advanced the quality of equipment and brewing ingredients. I strongly believe anyone can brew impressive beer, cider, mead & Wine

Get Er Brewed Basic Homebrew Starter kits aimed at beginners have syphon-less set ups that reduce the risk of things going wrong.

How to Select a Homebrew Starter Kit?

Firstly, set your budget because it’s important not to get distracted. Modern homebrew starter kits have developed a huge range of options to suit all budgets

Secondly, don’t over think it, homebrewing is easy just keep everything clean, follow the instructions and monitor temperature and it’ll be successful

Thirdly, If you need help ask!

In Conclusion its now possible to brew better than shop bought for a fraction of the price at home so look at this as a rewarding hobby.

The amount of active homebrewers is at a record high and continues to grow

Geterbrewed Homebrew Starter Kits

Many Craft Breweries have Homebrewing roots!

Many homebrewers started off homebrewing before progressing into a professional career in brewing. Therefore this gift has huge potential

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Need Help Selecting a Homebrew Starter Kit?

Just ask we really want to help you brew successfully, consistently and return time and time again

So you want to start homebrewing….

The decision to start making your own can be on a whim maybe you tried a friends homebrew and where surprised or maybe you want to know what actually goes into the beers, ciders and wines that you consume. There is lots of reasons to start brewing your own, modern home brewing has changed alot and its now possible to brew better than shop bought for a fraction of the price.

If you are unsure about how to start then we would love to help. Simply drop us an email ([email protected]) or a message on social media and we will be very happy to help.

We can cater for a wide range of budgets and care about this industry longterm so we will only sellĀ  equipment and ingredients that are the best we can source, you see we want people to brew successfully and consistently then they will in turn keep buying ingredients from us. We now have huge buying power and have passed the savings on to the home brewers.

We started a homebrew revolution in 2013 as keen home brewers ourselves wanting to make our own beers and wines, we now are proud to say we lead the way with innovative brewing equipment and a diverse range of ingredients that will allow you to brew anything you want.

So Join us or help a friend or even give the gift of homebrewing, Geterbrewed have homebrew starter kits for all levels of experience from hedgerow wine maker to professional brewery equipment and all the great stuff in between

Homebrewing has changed and its awesome, so why not save some money, have a lot of fun and get rewarded in the process:



Geterbrewed All Grain Starter Kit