Geterbrewed secure new distribution deal for hops in Ireland

Geterbrewed Barth Haas Irish Distributor

Geterbrewed have formed a partnership with Simply Hops / Barth Haas Group – The World’s largest supplier of hop products and services!! We are proud to now be representing them exclusively in Ireland. This new partnership has been a long time in the making.

Geterbrewed have wholesaled hops to Craft brewers alongside suppling the homebrew community since 2013. During this time of working direct with hop farmers and buying from multiple hop merchants we have built experience of not only how to correctly handle hops but the importance of cold chain storage and being able to identify a quality hop harvest.

Geterbrewed have recognised who leads the way hence why we have actively sought and worked towards an exclusive agency for Ireland with Simply Hops.

Geterbrewed act as a one stop craft brewer ingredient store, exclusively distributing for Crisp Malt, Lallemand Yeast, AB Vickers, so to add Barth Haas to the portfolio is a huge achievement for us. We have carefully chosen our distribution partners and we are collectively working towards a long term relationship to bring the finest ingredients to Irish brewers backed up with full technical support.

Part of the agency agreement was a process of auditing our set up and procedures, visiting our warehousing, cold storage facility and monitoring the storage conditions and temperatures. Simply hops wanted to have confidence in our premises and equipment but also in how we deal with our customers, so they have meet some of our key customers also, they share our vision of building relationships, providing the highest quality hops and full technical support. They saw that first hand and we want to exceed expectations and consistently deliver the finest brewing ingredients

Geterbrewed provide technical support to all our brewers across all ingredients and Simply Hops will be no exception, they have the ability to provide technical support and their sales team are made up of respected brewers, they have access to a huge amount of the worldwide hop farms , including the ownership of HPA (Hop Products Australia) so those amazing hops like Galaxy, Ella, Vic Secret, Topaz, Enigma will all be readily available to our key customers.

Simply Hops / Barth Haas Group are genuine farm sourced hops, correctly processed and cold chain shipped and stored. We are super excited about having access to their portfolio of hops products.

Why Choose Barth Haas Group & Simply Hops?

Hops Distributor Ireland

  • Quality!!!
  • Barth Haas support growers in producing the best hops
  • Barth Haas have the highest standards
  • Established results
  • International quality control guarantees
  • Research & Innovation to continue to produce industry leading hop varieties

Simply Hops are at the heart of craft brewing, they are Hopsessed…




Have confidence in the hops we supply, the finest available and the latest harvests

Geterbrewed supply a large amount of hops to the homebrew and microbrewery community throughout Ireland and the UK

The key to our success and high quality starts from where we source the hops and they how they are transported to us and subsequently stored and re packed as necessary.

Geterbrewed have invested heavily in the correct equipment to correctly cold store hops, we store all our hops at 4 degrees. We use top quality foil bags for all repacking and they are nitrogen flushed and vac packed.

We have now built up strong relationships with hop farmers from across the globe, we pay a premium price but buying direct allows us to give the growers a little more and in turn they care about the quality of the product we receive.

You will hear nightmare stories about containers of hops being taken through the Panama Canal without correct refrigerated transport, this results in a poor hop supply when it arrives into the UK/ Europe. Recently we have new hop suppliers pushing this out at cheap prices making people think they are providing a saving.

We have our hops transported and stored correctly, we now have the expertise and experience to ensure we are providing the very best hops we can. We know our hop stocks are the best in the marketplace.

In recent years we have focused purely on t90 hop pellets for numerous reasons which I have covered on previous blogs but as our microbrewery business has grown we can now offer leaf hops to Microbrewers that have systems that don’t work with hop pellets.

We are proud of the quality of our hops and are pleased to have been able to drive down the price of homebrew  and brewery hops as we have expanded our buying power.