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How to do whirlpool hop additions

How to do whirlpool hop additions

When we look at how to do whirlpool hop additions, our experience has shown that generally, the flavour is enhanced when carried out below 80 degrees. Adding hops in the whirlpool is an excellent way of getting those fruit-forward flavours to really shine. Geterbrewed would recommend that you pay attention to the temperature at which you add whirlpool hops. The correct temperature will make for dramatically different results.

What is whirlpooling in brewing?

Whirlpooling is a mixing method used to spin the trub and hop debris out of suspension in the wort. The whirlpool effect causes the trub and hops sediment to settle in the middle of the whirlpool vessel. Some brewers have a separate vessel just for whirlpooling. Many home brewers whirlpool in the kettle or in their all-in-one brewing system.

Achieving a whirlpool is very simple. In Our Brewery, we use a Brewiks Microbrewery Brewing System. Wort is pumped from the kettle at a high velocity into the cylindrical whirlpool vessel. The wort enters the vessel at speed in a circular motion creating the whirlpool. The outlet point is above the settled trub and hop debris. It effectively leaves the solids behind before chilling and transferring to the fermenter.

It’s important to look at how your selected hop variety will perform if used in the whirlpool. Reading up on the make-up of the different hop oils will allow you to achieve the best results. If you want to learn more about hop oils check out this blog

Homebrew whirlpooling

Whirlpooling as a homebrewer is relatively simple. Place your beer paddle into the kettle and stir vigorously in a circular motion. Do this for about 2 minutes to create the whirlpool effect. Then add the hops, and leave it for the desired time. This is technically a hop stand but will give the desired results. Some homebrewers recommend giving the wort a stir every 10 minutes or so.

The temperature during this time is key. The temperature will affect the flavours and aromas of your hops. Make sure your kettle can maintain a constant temperature. Keep in mind some kettles will take readings from the bottom, which can be a few degrees off from the top of your wort. Invest in a thermometer to monitor the top as well.

whirlpool hop additions

How long do you leave hops in the whirlpool?

This will vary from the hop variety and depending on the flavour profile you want to achieve. Geterbrewed suggests 20 minutes is a good average time to allow those hop flavours to really shine. Paying attention to whirlpool temperatures will help you get the best out of your brew:

  1. 85-100 This temperature range is high enough to still pick up bitterness from the isomerisation of the alpha acids. The higher end of this range does run the risk of boiling off the delicate hop oils
  2. 70-80 It is at a temperature range to retain the delicate hop oils. We recommend a 20 minutes whirlpool period to get the solubility of hop oils. We have great results in this range.
  3. 60- 70 Low whirlpool temperatures at this level are below the level of pasteurisation temperature protection. Attention to detail in preventing contamination is important. These temperatures will allow you to retain the highly volatile oils

Geterbrewed takes great pride in the quality of their hops. We ensure that they are correctly cold stored and packaged in environment-proof packaging. We source the freshest hop varieties and have a huge selection of Hops on the stock. Checkout the website for home-brew hop deals or register for wholesale access if you’re a Microbrewery

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