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Spectrum Liquid Dry Hop

Spectrum Liquid Dry Hop

This could be a game changer…..
A bold statement but said with confidence as our friends at the Barth Haas group have excelled themselves at their centre of excellence in relation to hop research and development in creating their latest offering, Spectrum Liquid Dry Hop.

Geterbrewed is proud to introduce Spectrum, an innovative new advanced hop product that allows you to dry hop with liquid hops delivering full dry hop characteristics. 

What is Spectrum?
A 100% Pure & Natural Hop Product

  • Benefits of using Spectrum Dry Hop?
  • No losses in tank from dry hopping
  • Pure variety Specific Oil Rich Extract
  • No limits as you can dry hop at higher concentrations Soluble in Cold
  • Beer Easily Measured
  • Zero Absorption
  • Zero Hop Creep Shorter Tank Times
  • Less biological demand

How is Spectrum Liquid Dry Hop Made?
The process is patented and protected so we can’t give away all the secrets but to give an overview it’s a two-stage process.

Dosage of Spectrum?

**This is important to carry out correctly to get the results you want**

Simply Measure the flowable spectrum hop liquid then mix with either deareted water or wort, mix well, flush the tank/dosing system with co2 and then add to the tank as you would with pellets. 

Geterbrewed is launching two varieties of Spectrum, to begin with, Citra & Mosaic with more to follow. It is possible to have any variety the Barth Haas supply made into Spectrum, we are really excited to see how this makes the characteristics of the hops shine at higher dosage rates
The first two varieties are available in 1-litre containers and 50ml for homebrewers, Citra Spectrum & Mosaic Spectrum.

• SPECTRUM is a viscous liquid at room temperature. Lower its viscosity by warming it to up to 40 degrees
centigrade in a warm water bath. NOTE: It will become more flowable but not melt.

• When SPECTRUM is stored chilled, it is important to ensure the entire product is warmed up to room temperature before use. If not, you may find that the outer areas become more liquid as they warm, leaving a more solid centre. This is not a problem but can make dosing more difficult than it needs to be.

• SPECTRUM does not contain oxygen like pellets and hop cones can, so will not introduce any new oxygen into the beer. Using dosing equipment that helps minimise oxygen ingress can take this a step further, really helping you to minimise the ingress of unwanted oxygen.

Spectrum Liquid Dry Hop
Spectrum Liquid Dry Hop