Wine Making with Home Brew Wine Kits

How do we get you to drop the perception that homebrew wine would ‘blow the head off ye’ or ‘it’s rocket fuel’ perhaps too many remember the wine making of the eighties or hedgerow wines that they tasted a grandparent making, well to be fair hedgerow wines made by my grandparents bring back fond memories, especially Ginger wine at Chirstmas time but things have changed, read on..

We have been brewing wine at home for over 10 years and have successfully been making wine that is better than shop bought at a fraction of the price, to sum it up very simply, if you buy a really cheap wine kit you will make cheap wine, if you enjoy a good quality wine then spend a little more on your homebrew wine kit, we aren’t taking large sums of money, a 30 bottle wine kit that costs £50 is only £1.66 per bottle. In my opinion its better than any £15 bottle of wine you’ll buy in the off sales or supermarket. We brew a wide range of wine kits ourselves and still brew some white 7 day kits

Homebrew Wine Kits have improved vastly in recent years, if you want to make wine for gifts or for a house party or event then yes its possible to make a 7 day wine kit that works out at around £1 per bottle but in all honesty its only white and rose wines in this range that you can get away with it. The 7 day red wine kits lack the body that I enjoy with a wine kit. The general observation with wine kits is that the more expensive the kit is, the more volume of concentrate you receive. Some modern wine kits come with grape skins and oak additives to provide a real depth of flavour.

Our personal favourites are made by Wine expert, the vintners reserve, world vineyard and selection international. Are you brand loyal? Well try a different range you may be pleasantly surprised, many homebrewers start with a seven day wine kit and it’s a great way to learn but if you want to get excited about making great wine then please trust us and try a 30 day wine kit, for very little extra money they are well worth it!

Wine making is simple if you pay attention to three key things, buy a good quality wine making kit, we are talking around (£40) for a siphonless wine making kit which means the wine is keep well protected and follow the following three points – Ensure you SIT (1.Sterilise, 2.Information, 3.Temperature) If you start off with everything sterlile you won’t get infections which will ruin your wine, if you read the instructions the whole process is simple and don’t forget its critically important to ferment at a constant temperature, you can’t make good wine in a garage or shed unless you have temperature control, this can be acheived with a brewbelt or heat pad but we personally brew wine in our utility room as its a steady 18 degrees in there. Large temperature fluctations are problematic, you want a constant temperature.

If your interested in making your own wine and feel apprehensive in anyway then drop us an email ( [email protected]) or call freephone 08002289433 and we will help get you started. It’s in our interest to get your brewing successfully and consistently time and time again. We have helped friends, family and customers make wine for their wedding day, you want that day to be super special so the wine has to be impressive and it was and can be for you too.

Look if you like good wine, then making your own at home isn’t only a rewarding hobby, it will save you alot of money and you know exactly what your wine contains, these home made wine kits aren’t packed with chemicals to preserve them , they are genuinely a fantastic option.

We toured some vineyards during the summer in 2017 and learnt alot about commercial wine making and we know our range of wine kits are simple to make and have tried and tested results, we hope you’ll reach out if you want a little help getting started