Why Spectrum Liquid Hops

Spectrumâ„¢ is an innovative new product involving an oil rich hop extract which offers many advantages over hop cones and pellets resulting in a simple dry hopping process which is clean, accurate and time saving to help you achieve a new level of brewing control for home brewers sand professionals.

  • 1. Finest Hop pellets in liquid form
  • 2. Can fully / partially replace pellets when dry hopping
  • 3. Fully dispersible in cold beer resulting in no lost product
  • 4. Impart full flavour and aroma while reducing losses

Versatile Product

Spectrum liquid hop extract can also be used at smaller doses alongside traditional dry-hopping products to refine beers; helping to round out flavours in a cost effective way.

No Loss. No Limit.

Superior Brewing

Professional brewing is all about achieving as superior a product as possible in for maximum profit.

Spectrum Product Information

Consistent Results

  • No waste created
  • Safer Brewing
  • Oxygen free and helps avoid oxygen addition when dosing
  • Minimum fuss and mess
  • No Artificial Additions
  • Due to Spectrum hop extract being a liquid hop creep will be virtually elimanated
  • Elimanates Microbial threats

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