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Is homebrewing worth the money ?

In all honesty homebrewing is worth the money! If you take the potential savings into account, you can save significantly. The initial outlay of equipment is often recouped in a very short period of time. You then save from every batch after that.

So what can you homebrew at home?

Beer, Cider, Distilled Spirits, Mead & Wine

The main aim for many entering the hobby is to save money. However, it can be much more rewarding than simple money-saving. With the advances in brewing equipment and the quality of ingredient kits; it’s possible to make better than shop bought for a fraction of the price. You also have full control of the ingredients. This is important for those of you wanting to enjoy a wine that isn’t full of preservatives for example.

Many people start homebrewing and give up after a few batches. In an effort to help newcomers have successful results; Geterbrewed has invested a lot into the equipment, quality of ingredients and support to ensure success. We have a lot of resources available via the Geterbrewed Blog & Youtube Channel. It’s important for Geterbrewed that their customers brew successfully and consistently time and time again.

What is your budget?

There are multiple entry points depending on your budget. For example, a wine-making starter kit will likely pay for itself in the first batch based on a 30-bottle kit. Whereas an all-in-one brewing system for all-grain brewing will require a commitment to getting the savings in the longer term. It all depends on the quality of the product you want to make in all honesty. If you want to make it super cheap then you can expect the quality to reflect this, but regardless you aren’t paying duty and taxes. On the flip side of this if you’re using the most expensive hops and fruit purees in a hazy NEIPA; you can expect the cost to be higher. However, it’s still going to be cheaper than shop-bought.

Let us look at some money-saving examples and why homebrewing is worth the money:

(1) Wine Making Beginner Starter Kits

We recommend that you brew one of the 30-bottle wine kits for maximum savings. Check out the graphic below which highlights how much you can expect to pay per bottle excluding the bottle and cork. (add 88p for a new bottle and cork). You can make further savings by reusing bottles.

(2) Cider Making Beginner Starter Kits

We recommend you make one of the many 23-litre cider kits that we stock, the graphic below shows the cost per 500ml bottle (add 56p for a new bottle and cap)

(3) Beer Making Beginner Starter Kits

Beer-making kits can vary in setup costs depending on if you want to brew an extract kit or an all-grain kit (add 56p for a new bottle and cap)

(4) Home Distilling Starter Kit

Be aware of the licensing implications for distilling but needless to say the savings here are enormous