Rascals Brewing Company attending Craft Beer Rising with Geterbrewed

We have teamed up with Crisp Malt to bring a flavour of the Irish Craft Beer Scene to London for the 2019 Craft Beer Rising, honestly get tickets this is an awesome festival

So we have 6 key customers attending and we will be pouring their beers all weekend including some special collaborations between the Irish brewers

Rascals Brewing Company

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Self confessed off centre brewers, always adding the Rascals twist. A kick ass core range, evolving specials, barrel aged beers, its been an adventure sampling their beers

Founded in 2014 by Emma Devlin & Cathal Donoghue, brewing an exciting range of modern Irish Craft Beer.

The new Rascals HQ is a must see, based in Inchicore, Dublin City, the new brewhouse now has an In House Tap Room and Pizzeria.

Emma & Cathal have been very driven and the new investment see them become a major player in the Irish Craft Beer Scene. Again with a lot of our brewery customers, they have an award winning home brewing background.

Great work ethic and a talented team sees their vision of a true city brewery unfold.

These guys have a bright future, join us at CBR and sample some of their awesome beers with us.


O’Brother Brewery Attending Craft Beer Rising with Geterbrewed

We have teamed up with Crisp Malt to bring a flavour of the Irish Craft Beer Scene to London for the 2019 Craft Beer Rising, honestly get tickets this is an awesome festival

So we have 6 key customers attending and we will be pouring their beers all weekend including some special collaborations between the Irish brewers

O’Brother Brewery


3 Brothers, 1 Brewery, 0 Shortcuts. I still have the t-shirt the guys gave me at The Killarney Beer Festival with that on it.

The Wicklow based brothers brew fresh, exciting beers using the best quality ingredients. We really appreciate their faith in us to supply such ingredients.

Brothers that rarely agreed on anything set aside their differences in 2014 to launch their own brewery adventure.

Brian, Padhraig & Barry O’Neill with backgrounds in Accounting, Surveying & Landscaping have excelled from a passion for great beer at a home brewing level to now producing top quality commerical Irish Craft Beer.

Another Irish brewery collecting many awards along the way.

Recent rebranding “Off the Wall Series” and continued dedication from the brothers has seen impressive DIPAs & DDH Pales catch attention and positive reviews.

Join us at CBR to sample some beers from the O’Brother Crew.

Pick up your tickets here: https://www.craftbeerrising.co.uk

Hilden Brewery Attending Craft Beer Rising with Geterbrewed

We have teamed up with Crisp Malt to bring a flavour of the Irish Craft Beer Scene to London for the 2019 Craft Beer Rising, honestly get tickets this is an awesome festival

So we have 6 key customers attending and we will be pouring their beers all weekend including some special collaborations between the Irish brewers

Hilden brewery

hilden logo

Irelands oldest independent Brewery and a good friend of Geterbrewed Owen Scullion now runs the brewery having taken over from his father Seamus. They are a family run business with two awesome restaurants, one at the brewery and the other in Botanic Avenue in Belfast, called Mollys Yard.

Their annual festival is a date to get in your diary now too

Hilden Beer Festival 2019

The Hilden Brewery and Taproom are in a converted stables that was historically beside an old Linen Factory. Owen is a qualified brewer brewing some exceptionally well balanced craft beers.

Recent rebranding and large investment in the brewhouse and packaging line now sees the brewery in a position to start experimenting and creating new special releases. We had the privilege of brewing on their original kit recently, we brewed a Brut IPA which is currently ageing in virgin oak barrels.

hilden brewery collaboration with hillstown

Hilden are one of a few local breweries still producing and serving cask ales, modernising their offering currently is exciting to see unfold.

Hilden brewed craft beer before it was even trend if anything they have helped pioneer the craft beer movement in Ireland. A key pillar in the local craft beer scene and the family run restaurants are definitiely a must visit when in Lisburn or Belfast. Lesley has joined the brewery team and is keen to drive forward new beer styles so definitely one to watch

Join us at Craft Beer Rising and sample some of their beers:


Boyne Brewery attending Craft Beer Rising with Geterbrewed

We have teamed up with Crisp Malt to bring a flavour of the Irish Craft Beer Scene to London for the 2019 Craft Beer Rising, honestly get tickets this is an awesome festival

So we have 6 key customers attending and we will be pouring their beers all weekend including some special collaborations between the Irish brewers

Boyne Brewhouse Drogheda

Boyne Brewhouse

The Cooney family brewing business is located in Drogheda with an impressive new distillery about to open and a beautiful Kasper Schulz Brewhouse

Boyne’s head brewer Richard Hamilton has a passion for Irish Craft Beer, after his studies in philosophy he decided to follow a career in Craft brewing. Richard creates impressive home brew pilot batches regularly for their range of seasonal specials. He is joined by Bill a Londoner now settled in Dublin with solid experience from Redemption brewery and Conor a fellow NI brewer recently joining the team. The brewing team have been collecting some impressive awards.

The Cooney family have a long tradition in the Irish drinks industry. Pat Cooney built the Gleeson group up to be  major player in the Irish manufacturing and wholesale drinks business over the last 40 years, establishing the new visitor centre, brewery and distillery in his hometown with his wife and 4 children who are all active members of the team.

winter series from boyne brewhouse

They will be pouring the winter series with some APA’s and IPA’s at Craft Beer Rising, Paddy Cooney is joining us at Craft Beer Rising, his energetic approach to craft beer is infectious so pop over to our stand and let the liquid do the talking, buy your tickets here:


Hillstown Brewery attending Craft Beer Rising with Geterbrewed

We have teamed up with Crisp Malt to bring a flavour of the Irish Craft Beer Scene to London for the 2019 Craft Beer Rising, honestly get tickets this is an awesome festival

So we have 6 key customers attending and we will be pouring their beers all weekend including some special collaborations between the Irish brewers

Hillstown Brewery Logo

Our sister brewery Hillstown will be there. The Northern Ireland based brewery was created in partnership with our friend Nigel Logan from Hillstown Farmshop and the brewhouse is now proudly located on the farm. Launched in 2014 initially as a beer fed beef project for the on site butchery it now produces a core range of 6 beers, complimented with a range of seasonal specials.

The latest releases include:

Hillstown Brewery Special Releases

1. The Blueberry Badger Parade 3.5%
Hillstowns first sour beer, Geterbrewed managed to get us some commercial samples of a new helveticus strain of bacteria, we blended this with sour pitch planetarium strain and soured the wort in the brewhouse kettle for 24 hours prior to boiling off the wort and adding a little citra hops. Big thanks to Rob Percival from Lallemand for the technical help on this project

We fermented the beer at a high temperature with Belle Saison yeast and then used some juniper botanicals from Frankie & Eileens distillery to add to secondary. We have allowed this beer to condition for several weeks with the botanicals prior to bottling. The amount of Blueberries in this beer makes up 55% of the content, its complex yet super crushable as its only 3.5%

2. The Full Boar Crew 6.2%
The new trend for IPA’s, a Brut IPA much like its champagne name is a super dry beer, we have fermented out all the residual sugars with the addition of glucoamylase 400 paired with a beautiful Lallemand New England yeast which has imparted some nice stone fruit flavour and we have late hopped the beer with lots of the latest harvest of Simply Hops Aussie varieties. The hop flavour profile is super fresh and packed with delicious hop flavour

Jonathan is the creative recipe designer usually starting the pilot batches on his homebrew kit and then passing the recipe onto the brewers to turn it into the commercial format.

New brewer Kevin McLaughlin is producing some of the best beers to date, again a home brewer turned pro he is dedicated and passionate about the Irish Craft Beer Scene, he is even known to do a little blogging on beer in his spare time

Hillstown Brewery recently launched with new distribution partners in the UK, the juvenile NI beer scene has enjoyed their beers since 2014 but as with many Irish brewers the local consumption rate is low so focus is mainly on export opportunities.

Hillstown collaborated with Rye River Brewery & Hilden Brewery for special beers to be released at Craft Beer Rising.

Join us and meet some of the key players in the Irish Craft Beer Scene at the festival in London, you can buy tickets here: 

Indie Beer Week Ireland – Geterbrewed Official Sponsor

We are one of the Main Official Sponsors of Indie Beer Week in Ireland

It’s all about getting out and celebrating your local Irish Independent brewery, your local brewery will have events on running all weekend, get out and get amongst it!!


We are very passionate about the Irish Craft Beer Scene and genuinely want to see it grow into a huge success. This business is hard and the brewery owners and their staff really do have a difficult time promoting Craft Beer, there is alot standing in the way of growth of the small independent breweries as the Macro brands try to stop their growth, we ask that you support your local brewery and help grow the movement.

Geterbrewed supply brewing ingredients to Irish breweries and proudly represent Crisp Malt & Lallemand Yeast throughout Ireland as their exclusive distributors, they have contributed to the sponsorship of this awesome event too

SIBA Beer X Review | Beer Festivals

From the off I’ll highlight this event is more based towards the brewing trade, but I did receive some exciting news at the event from our suppliers. The Event changed venue this year and it was in the exhibition centre in Liverpool so we popped over for the day to check it out , the SIBA regional gold medal winners progress to the finals at BeerX so some work mixed with a little beer tasting, its all good yeahhh!

SIBA BeerX 2018 liverpool

A nice spacious arena packed with stands from all the big names in the brewing industry, I caught some interesting presentations and had some exciting conversations with not only with brewers but with the brewing suppliers.

Major news to report from Crisp Malt, I had a chat with some of the top team and they are very excited about the successful distribution of Crisp Malt throughout Ireland by Geterbrewed, we discussed how many Irish breweries are reporting higher extraction rates, more consistent crush plus a better flavour from the wort. Major growth reported in this area.

Crisp Malt

Crisp Malt have installed a new bagging line and are nearing completion of a new coloured maltings, its a very exciting time to be working with these guys, they already have a large catalogue of products but this new multi million pound investment will be a game changer. The new malt bags have been released and the quick release and anti static packaging is proving to be a hit!

AB Vickers & Lallemand

Checked in with the team at AB Vickers and Lallemand and had a good brief on the new products. Protafine is a new Vegan friendly clarification product that we will be introducing to Irish Breweries immediately. Robert from Lallemand is keen to launch the homebrew sachets of the incredible freeze dried bacteria ‘Wildbrew Sourpitch’ I’ve used this recently in a blueberry kettle sour and I was really impressed, it is due for imminent release.

I enjoyed some impressive beers on the lallemand stand, an NEIPA from Northern Monk Brewery (Lalbrew New England Yeast) & a Sour from Magic Rock Brewery (Wildbrew Sourpitch). Geterbrewed distribute the full lallemand range across Ireland, contact us if you want samples of the new yeast strains.

We also picked up some new ideas and will update you soon on new innovative brewing products coming to the homebrew and microbrewery market.

Enjoy if your attending & hope the guys exhibiting have a great show

The GEB Crew


Organising a Brewery Event | Beer Festival

Organising a Brewery Event

I had the pleasure of listening to Logan Plant (Beavertown Brewery) recently explaining what it takes to put on a major brewery event.

So if you’ve been under a rock for the last 6 years and don’t know who Beavertown are… they have been operating for 6 years in March this year. The have been blessed with incredible growth and make some amazing beers, a big flavour focused solid core range and a range of seasons that show off their creative nature.

The talk was about taking brewery events into infinity and beyond, so last September Beavertown did their first major brewery event Extravaganza…

Logan Plant beavertown


To Showcase the vibrancy of the craft beer community

To Provide an all emcompassing beavertown experience

The festival had over 8 thousand people attend in 2 days! That’s incredible…Logan explained that one of the resons they organize these events is to push the boundaries of beer, that Craft in the UK sits at 2-3% but in London its currently 8-10%, and that this success in the city is largely due to face to face interaction


  • Find the venue – make it a a “Platform to Express Yourself”
  • Sign Up Buddies – looking after them is key, Logan explained they brought 14 breweries from the West Coast of America so hospitality was key to getting their support
  • Logistical Partners – Fresh is best and with 77 breweries from all over the world you need good logistical companies
  • Stimulate – work with experts, Logan choose to work with Good Beer Hunting
  • Skullenteers – 200 per day volunterred, they worked one day and enjoyed the experience the second day, plus a kick ass after party to say thanks
  • Be Utterly Obsessed and Immersed


  • Live & Learn –  be inspired to improve
  • Group Analysis
  • Continue to Magpie, evolve and progress
  • Focus – Beers, brewers and Drinkers

Top Tips

  1. Put the beer first
  2. Time – Extravaganza took one year to plan
  3. Communicate
  4. Create memories and experiences
  5. Bring it to life with social media
  6. Budjet & over budget
  7. Don’t Panic

Living the dream ;Checkout this video of the event

Alltech Craft Brews & Food Fair Review | Beer Festivals

Geterbrewed attended the festival on Friday the 09th of March 2018 and as the first time we had been at this festival we weren’t sure what to expect. With the sheer size of the Alltech brand it had the potential to somewhat overwhelm the smaller craft breweries but I was pleasantly surprised. Because we were at the Brewers Journal Lectures upstairs before the event kicked off we got the opportunity to have a nosey before the event kicked off and stayed on the evening to enjoy a few beers

Alltech Beer Festival 2018

The Venue

Amazing building and very modern and bang in the centre of Dublin, a huge glass fronted building overlooking the River Liffey at Spencer Dock, 50 exhibitors laid out well with room to comfortably navigate the area. The Stage was at the back of the main arena and perfectly set up for Live Entertainment, food stands lay to the side of the stage.

The main arena was really well spaced out with seating in various areas and games, air hockey, pool etc, three giant screens and with the rugby on over the weekend what a great spot to enjoy it . Nice lighting set up and a very comfortable venue on the whole

The Breweries

A good variety of breweries in attendance, from small set ups to the largest. I think it was 30+ breweries in attendance and a range of cider and spirits on offer also. I didn’t get to speak to everyone I wanted to but that happens at every festival

We were very proud to see Priory Brewing pick up two Gold Medals as we installed their Brewiks Microbrewery Equipment Set Up .

Alot of our customers had won awards and that is down to there brewers creativity and passion for the industry, we hope the quality of our brewing ingredients help them to acheive that

Rascals Brewery Dublin

I liked Rascals stand the best , their presentation was first class and i’m disappointed I forgot to get myself a t shirt before leaving, I always like a bit of craft beer merch at a festival. Make sure and try their Strawberry Vanilla Shake too, I was impressed with it

Boyne Brewhouse had a delicious Raspberry Sour on tap which was brewed with the new lallemand freeze dried bacteria ‘ Wildbrew Sourpitch’ I sampled it with a few others brewers and laughed as one said ‘it doesnt even taste like beer’ It was beautifully juicy and very creative. I was super pleased to see their stout winning a gold medal and big congratulations to them for their haul of awards

Boyne Brewhouse

Brehon Brewhouse had a cracking cask offering and as always we got the great Irish hospitality from their team, one of our guests loves their Crann Beatha Whiskey Aged Imperial Stout and managed to get some to take home

Brehon Brewhouse Crann Beatha

The Brewers

I love attending a beer festival and being able to talk to the brewers at the stand, not just because they buy brewing ingredients from us but its their passion, the techniques and the creativity that shine through and make towards the experience of the beer festival.

The Brewers were keen to encourage you to try samples and I like that as with over 400 beers on offer sometimes a sample is whats required… you know what i mean

The Food

I went for the Smokin Bones low and slow cooked Beef Brisket with Mustard, We had a heavy night on the Thursday and this was a very welcome bite to eat on the Friday afternoon and a really tasty snack. *No picture as it was eaten too quickly

As with many beer festivals I’d like to see a little more selection of food

The Entertainment

A cracking stage set up and to be honest I knew there was live music on in the background and the atmosphere had a nice feel, I was too busy talking to pay attention to the music… no shape shifting at this festival for me

I enjoyed this event hope you guys get a chance to aswell

Have a great weekend

The GEB Crew

Craft Beer Rising 2018 Review | UK Beer Festivals

So What is Craft Beer Rising?

The UK’s Biggest Craft Beer Festival that is now in it’s sixth year. We attended with our own brewery (Hillstown Brewery) on previous occasions but for this visit it was purely R&R to chill out enjoy the beers and have a chat with some of our customers, good beers enjoyed with good friends…..

We arrived into Brick Lane via our Uber taxi and immediately the atmosphere was buzzing from when we stepped out of the cab, I like the hussle and bustle of the East End of London, it’s vibrant and we soon spotted the queue to get in and so we jumped straight in, we had discussed having a coffee first but like a bunch of excited school kids we joined the queue. I thought what a nice mix of people waiting to get in, all age groups, all nationalities and one common factor bringing them together…… craft beer and some pretty awesome beers at that.

So wrist band on, catalogue in hand and a glass at the ready, we started to climb the steps, I felt like I was walking into a rave, super excited and loving the beats blasting out, as I entered the main beer hall I was immediately impressed to see a much better layout that previous years, more space and a more delicate lighting set up, it had a warm feeling. We decided to have a walk through before making any beer choices, well we made it a short walk and soon found some suitable beers to kick the night off.

The Plan….well we wanted to enjoy the festival and our weekend in London so we decided to stay with the sessionable abv beers to begin and then try the big hitters before going home.

The Beer Selection?

With 175 breweries in attendance it was an incredible offering of beers, clearly we couldn’t sample them all but we each had a few ‘bucketlist beers’ we wanted to try, I can honestly say I didn’t have a bad beer all night, I got my mind blown with a few beers and genuinely was inspired by some of the beers I tried.

I went through some amazing NEIPA’s and alot of Sour beers too, there was also a decent selection of cider, some spirits and wine too. It was great to see some of our own Irish breweries there representing, we had Bru, Wicklow Wolf & the Porterhouse and we received their welcoming hospitality with a friendly face and a good chat.

The Beer Stands?

I love it when I go to a beer festival and I meet the brewers at the stand, not just because we sell them ingredients but because their passion is what sells the beers, they tell you how the beer was created and what they wanted to achieve and what inspired the choice. I had one brewer explain that he made a mistake with a beer and he decided to then turn it into a sour and age it for six months as an experiment, it was one of the best sours I tasted that night….

The Music?

Krafty Kuts played the best set on Friday in my opinion, I’m past the shape shifting dancing stage of my life now but it lifted the mood and I watched some hilarious Dad dancing which really made my night.

The Food?

Amazing selection for a beer festival and I’d love to see more great food stands at beer festivals especially here locally in Northern Ireland as that is often a let down

The Merchandise?

Picked up some nice brewery T Shirts and of course got the CBR 18 glass to bring back the happy memories when having beers in the future

In Summary

We smiled, we chatted we laughed and actually got to sit at a table as a group and have an amazing experience, we really enjoyed the music and feel this is a top notch fest that we will be sure to return too. Well done guys for arranging a great event and thanks to the brewers we chatted with you made it an amazing experience for our team.