Boyne Brewery attending Craft Beer Rising with Geterbrewed

We have teamed up with Crisp Malt to bring a flavour of the Irish Craft Beer Scene to London for the 2019 Craft Beer Rising, honestly get tickets this is an awesome festival

So we have 6 key customers attending and we will be pouring their beers all weekend including some special collaborations between the Irish brewers

Boyne Brewhouse Drogheda

Boyne Brewhouse

The Cooney family brewing business is located in Drogheda with an impressive new distillery about to open and a beautiful Kasper Schulz Brewhouse

Boyne’s head brewer Richard Hamilton has a passion for Irish Craft Beer, after his studies in philosophy he decided to follow a career in Craft brewing. Richard creates impressive home brew pilot batches regularly for their range of seasonal specials. He is joined by Bill a Londoner now settled in Dublin with solid experience from Redemption brewery and Conor a fellow NI brewer recently joining the team. The brewing team have been collecting some impressive awards.

The Cooney family have a long tradition in the Irish drinks industry. Pat Cooney built the Gleeson group up to beĀ  major player in the Irish manufacturing and wholesale drinks business over the last 40 years, establishing the new visitor centre, brewery and distillery in his hometown with his wife and 4 children who are all active members of the team.

winter series from boyne brewhouse

They will be pouring the winter series with some APA’s and IPA’s at Craft Beer Rising, Paddy Cooney is joining us at Craft Beer Rising, his energetic approach to craft beer is infectious so pop over to our stand and let the liquid do the talking, buy your tickets here: