Bottle Conditioning with CBC -1

CBC 1 Yeast

Lallemand CBC 1 is used for Cask and Bottle Conditioning, when homebrewers have a stable fermentation and the gravity has remained constant for 48 hours you are confident that primary fermentation is complete then you want to look at packaging that product. CBC 1 is a bottle conditioning yeast that helps with secondary fermentation and carbonating the beer in the bottle or cask

If you have dry hopped the beer then you will need to cold crash the beer to allow the hop particles to drop out and this will also make the yeast drop out of suspension in the wort.

If you have cold crashed the beer then prior to using CBC 1 you will need to allow the wort to warm up to allow the conditioning yeast you are going to add to work effectively

This product is available for home brewers and professional breweries.

See the attached pdf for a best practice guide:


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