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Organising a Brewery Event

I had the pleasure of listening to Logan Plant (Beavertown Brewery) recently explaining what it takes to put on a major brewery event.

So if you’ve been under a rock for the last 6 years and don’t know who Beavertown are… they have been operating for 6 years in March this year. The have been blessed with incredible growth and make some amazing beers, a big flavour focused solid core range and a range of seasons that show off their creative nature.

The talk was about taking brewery events into infinity and beyond, so last September Beavertown did their first major brewery event Extravaganza…

Logan Plant beavertown


To Showcase the vibrancy of the craft beer community

To Provide an all emcompassing beavertown experience

The festival had over 8 thousand people attend in 2 days! That’s incredible…Logan explained that one of the resons they organize these events is to push the boundaries of beer, that Craft in the UK sits at 2-3% but in London its currently 8-10%, and that this success in the city is largely due to face to face interaction


  • Find the venue – make it a a “Platform to Express Yourself”
  • Sign Up Buddies – looking after them is key, Logan explained they brought 14 breweries from the West Coast of America so hospitality was key to getting their support
  • Logistical Partners – Fresh is best and with 77 breweries from all over the world you need good logistical companies
  • Stimulate – work with experts, Logan choose to work with Good Beer Hunting
  • Skullenteers – 200 per day volunterred, they worked one day and enjoyed the experience the second day, plus a kick ass after party to say thanks
  • Be Utterly Obsessed and Immersed


  • Live & Learn –  be inspired to improve
  • Group Analysis
  • Continue to Magpie, evolve and progress
  • Focus – Beers, brewers and Drinkers

Top Tips

  1. Put the beer first
  2. Time – Extravaganza took one year to plan
  3. Communicate
  4. Create memories and experiences
  5. Bring it to life with social media
  6. Budjet & over budget
  7. Don’t Panic

Living the dream ;Checkout this video of the event