Galaxy (Australia) t90 Hop Pellets 2015 (Alpha Rating 14.9%)


Galaxy (Australia) t90 Hop Pellets 2015 (Alpha Rating 14.9%)

Galaxy has rapidly become the most internationally recognised Australian flavour hop. This late maturing seedless cultivar is one of the most striking developed by HPA.

Her reputation comes from the distinctly identifiable characters she brings to beer, which can range from passionfruit and peach to clean citrus aromas which are more intense the later the addition.

Highly versatile, Galaxy» can be used in almost all varieties of beer. Her true potential has just started to be tapped with the release of a number of craft beers which hero her distinctive flavour.

A protagonist in her own right, Galaxy» is not to be mistaken for Citra.

Brew Tips

When used late in the kettle, the whirlpool, or for dry hopping, Galaxy» contributes a striking flavour best described as a combination of passionfruit and citrus. The fruit characters are modulated by different hops, malts, yeasts and dosing, however a late addition of Galaxy» into the brew is always distinct.

Hop Story

In the mid-1990s Australian high alpha hops were crossed with male hops bred from European cultivars, with the aim of creating new Australian high alpha acid varieties which displayed some of the European traits. Initial work focused on the use of males bred from well-known German variety Perle.

Alpha Rating Co-Humulone Composition Origin Flavours Usage Best Used In
14.9% 32%-42% Australia Fruity,Citrus Aroma IPA's

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